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Have you tried diet after diet? Detox after detox? Fast after fast?

These approaches are not a pleasurable way of life, nor are they a healthy way to live. 

It’s time for something new. And something that works... permanently.

The Slim for Life™ 10-Step hypnosis program has been created for people who are serious about losing weight, for life. It's NOT just a temporary weight reduction for a special event or vacation... it's designed to allow you to truly become a new, slimmer version of you.

Inside this book, you’ll understand how to take control of your mind and body so that you can experience results that last a lifetime.
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Slim for Life eBook
You don't have to wait to receive your copy to begin enjoying this life-changing book! Included as a bonus is an eBook copy that you can download right away.
BONUS #2: Audio Training (£19.99 Value)
Good Morning Meditation
Wake up each morning with a 19-minute meditation designed to help you improve your self-image for a successful day and a wonderful life filled with confidence and self-love.
BONUS #3: Audio Training (£19.99 Value)
Reconnect With Your Inner Power
Inside of you are deep reservoirs of power that grossly remain untapped beneath layers of past experiences, limiting beliefs and counter-productive habits and behaviours. Enjoy this 35-minute meditation and regain access to your core inner power!
BONUS #4: Audio Training (£19.99 Value)
Moving Beyond Depression For A Vibrant Life
If you've been feeling down and out about yourself and feeling negatively impacted by others, circumstances or for any reason at all - this 51-minute meditation is designed to restore hope and invigorate your spirit for a vibrant, joyful, deeply satisfying life.
BONUS #5: Worksheets  (£7.99 Value)
Slim for Life™ Worksheets
Use these worksheets to participate in powerful exercises that work alongside your journey inside Slim for Life™ to help you set very specific goals and track your progress in their achievement!
BONUS #6: Video Training  ($49.99 Value)
Release Your Emotional Fat To Trim Your Body Fat
Face • Arms • Belly • Stomach • Hips • Thighs • Shoulders • Feet • Hands

Did you know that there are emotional connections with the places on your body that have been storing excess fat? That's right -- there's a deeper cause behind each area of your body, and when you understand this, you can target your weight release intentions with great power.
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Meet Your New Friend, Hypnotherapist, Cheerleader and Weight Release Mentor
Dr. Tina Heath is the creator of Slim for Life™ and the president of Hypnotherapy1 - Healthcare for Your Mind based in Hayling Island, UK.

Working with clients worldwide, Tina has 35+ years of experience studying and working in the field of Mental Science, helping people to release excess weight and keep it off, for life, as well as achieving life-changing results in many other areas of life - overcoming mental, emotional and physical health issues.

Tina believes, and has therefore helped people prove to themselves, that anyone can change - become healthier and happier, if they ‘want’ to.

If you ‘want’ to create changes in your life, Tina and this book are here for you.
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